Create Your Evaluation Plan


You’ve decided to evaluate your pedestrian safety intervention.

Your evaluation will help to…

Improve pedestrian safety in your community or state


Contribute to a growing pedestrian safety movement nationally and internationally


Identifying what works to effectively prevent pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

...Put your feet to the pavement!

This section highlights your first steps to design your evaluation plan -- convene your partners to discuss the fundamental components of your evaluation (population, intervention, audiences) in order to create your evaluation purpose statement and design your collaborative.

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CDC Framework for Program Evaluation

how You Can Navigate This Guide

This Evaluation Guide for Pedestrian Safety is organized into six sections corresponding to the primary components that make up the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Framework for Program Evaluation. The sections are:

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In each section, you will find step-wise guidance and instruction for creating your evaluation plan. The sections and steps are provided sequentially; however, you can also move back-and-forth across steps and sections using cross-references embedded throughout the guide.

A variety of supplemental resources are referenced throughout this guide. Each resource is associated with a specific icon. Simply click on the icons embedded throughout this guide to access these resources. Types of resources are:

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Glossary – Visit the Glossary to look up new terms and their definitions. Throughout the guide, words in the glossary are light blue.

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Templates – Download forms and templates that can help you create elements of your evaluation plan.

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Tips for Success – Check out these helpful tips to enhance your evaluation planning process.

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Helpful Tools & Resources – Find helpful tools and resources that can inform and inspire your evaluation efforts.

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Examples from the Field – Learn about noteworthy field work in each section of the guide.

A comprehensive list of all resources referenced throughout the guide are also included in the Resource Center.

Evaluate From the Beginning

Don’t wait to start your evaluation plan! Try to plan your intervention and evaluation simultaneously so your partnerships and intervention are informed by current data and available evidence. You will also be better positioned to systematically track planning and implementation activities (e.g., engaging partners, advocacy) from day one.